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Not without my daughter-a father's struggle for his family

Joyful news! 

We got a letter from ECHR, the 24 of May.

They have asked the State respons to our complaint about violations of human rights.
The response concerns the question whether or not the case should be promoted for the court.

Our lawyer says: "this does not mean that the case has been admitted, but we are an important step further-most cases are being rejected before this stage in the process."

So, I hope you are reading this, all of you who has done this to our family and our child, and inflicted so great pain; Child protection in Lørenskog, municipality management, especially the municipal directors, Court of Justice, the Court of appeal and the Supreme Court that did not allow our appeal, and also, in the utmost consequence Horne who is not taking her responsibility that would be to clean up this inhuman system that is created.

Today we have 8 highly qualified professionals who speak out in writing stating that the child protection in Lørenskog was wrong. We are good parents.

Still, Aria suffered by this trauma of being removed from us, and was prevented the joy of her first 2 ½ years with her parents. this injustice can never be undone! We are nevertheless pleased that ECHR takes a stand in this, and it can hopefully lead to changes in the system.

One thing still is guaranteed; We will never give up! If it's the last thing we do in life, so I'm going to fight for my child and the other innocent children!

This text is on a car in Adelaide, and we are so gratefull for this.The facebook page
Adelaide - United Against Barnevernet is linked right

Why we are fighting, and against what!

Baby Aria was stolen from her parents by the Barnevernet (CPS) in Norway, only 1 week old.
CPS claims that Arias father was dangerous both to the mother and child. They also claimed that Arias mother had depression and thus could not take care of her.

Vibeke and Aria was forcefully placed in a maternity-home by the police and CPS.
After a few days CPS came and took Aria and placed her in a temporarily home, despite that the maternity home noted that Vibeke was being a good mother for her baby daughter.

The CPS`s only reason for removing Aria from her mothers care, was that Vibeke would not renounce her husband. No futher investigation was made before Aria was placed in a foster home.

Ken and Vibeke never even got the chance to try to be parents for her. Aria is therefore robbet of her legal, biological parents whom care for her very much. Ken and Vibeke are robbed of their legal rights to be parents and thus to be a family.

After 10 months the court system ordered a psychologist to investigate the case.
The psychologist advocated that the parents should be given a chance, and that the parents had the parenting skills needed.In the courts ruling it was stated that the CPS made a mistake in removing baby Aria from the parents. Despite this gross injustice, Aria was not allowed to come home to her parents.

Now they see her 6 times a year two hours each time. All the evaluations shows they are beeing very good parents for her and she likes to be with them. All charges against Arias father has been waived. But no attempt is made by barnevernet to bring her back to her parents.


So now at this moment there is 9 cases concerning the Norwegian child welfare, taken into EHCR.
And today was our case signed and sent off.
So hopefully, the incredibly sensational and unprecedented thing it is that EHCR has so many cases around a theme as child protection the Norwegian barnevernet, will be further strengthened with our history/case that even some Norwegian politicians and professional's expresses as a total violation on our rights and a complete abuse of power.

The text on the picture translated:


The undersigned represents Ken Joar Olsen & Vibeke Morrissey.
Attached following complaint for the European
court of human rights

Open letter to the foster home of Aria

This letter wrote my dear girlfriend and mother of Aria
to Aria's foster home, while I was away and took part in the recording regarding child protection service
( barnevernet ) the 30 / 09-16 ...

It hurts me that me as the father not being able to protect my family against the crimes and abuse these people are committing...
(But the day of reckoning comes, just remember my words ...)

This is the same mom who they believe is NOT able to have custody of her child, our daughter Aria ... Since she did not confirmed THEIR theory that I was dominating and violent toward her, THEN they saw serious concerns for her care capabilities ...

I include also link to the video letter Vibeke made to Aria, september 25, 2015 9 months after they had shattered our dream of becoming a family ...

The video can be seen here

Aria's story here

Open letter to the foster home of Aria
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
As the mother of Aria I see the necessity to write this.
It is not to scare anyone or create any trouble, it is only my biological need to do what I can for the dearest we have, namely, our daughter Aria.

The first thing I will say is that the authorities have completely misjudged Ken and me as caregivers, as expert witnesses, doctors, family and Yes really everyone that has been familiar with us can tell. In other words, there are quite a few that say the same thing.
And if child protection service aka barnevernet gives you a different story I must unfortunately say that they are not telling the truth.
Have the authorities promised you that Aria should be yours?
If they have so, I have to disappoint you and say that they have promised something they not at all are able to keep.

Therefore, I have to add that to prevent our daughter to become more confused or take even more damage, you really should at least stop and not call yourself for the ' ' Mama ' ' and ' ' Daddy ' ' anymore.

For it is Ken and I that is her mama and daddy.
Start to use the name of our child, which is '' Aria " For that is what her name is.

Something else I will look at being, very selfish and very little sense with regard to a reversal.
THAT will happen, and you should prepare yourself BUT for sure Aria on.
We see that Aria seems fit and healthy, for that we of course are happy. But please, do not confuse her anymore, for Aria's sake. For you want her best don't you?
At the start of this nightmare, hope and I wanted that you respected Aria as a human being, Ken and me as parents and her biological family.

Especially if you've been watching what's going on with our cause. Personally, I'd felt a strong doubt and thought that this must be completely wrong and tried to do something with it.
That foster families have the responsibility for someone else's child, and this child's life.
It's not about what you want, but what is most fair to Aria and her future.
We are going to continue our fight and one-day Aria will understand the entire truth.
How are you going to explain and justify what you're doing to her?
What are you going to answer the day she starts to ask questions?
It is up to you whether you choose to believe the stories about us that child services give you, if you are in the least doubt, so try to find the truth yourself.

With best regards

Vibeke Morrissey Aria's mom!
Ken Joar Olsen Aria's father!

© 2016 Justice for baby Aria and her family
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